Meeting the growing demand for information, transport, infrastructure and energy worldwide in ways that minimise environmental and social impact is a major challenge.
Innovation has always been the driver of ITAL’s growth. We do not focus on technology for technology’s sake, but as a commitment to profitable growth, empowering a talented team that attacks business challenges with competence and passion.
Year after year, our focus on technology and innovation continues to be at the core of our strategy. The industrial projects commissioned by our customers present us with increasing demands for cost-effectiveness and production efficiency: we believe our engineering expertise and flexibility will be a key factor in the growth of our businesses.
All strategic priorities are oriented toward our customers with a focus on value creation  and profitable growth:


    Technology leadership


    Outstanding services


    Continuous operational improvements


    Collaborative advantage

We aim to leverage our diverse and global products and services portfolio and customer-focused business, built around the strength of the ITAL brand.


ITAL develops systems that not only meet specific standards but are in line with every client’s production requirements.
When we are asked to supply a machine, it is a challenge: to create a symbiosis with the client which ensures we are developing a system that integrates with their short-term and long-term goals. No matter the scope of work, we not only deliver products and technologies, we imagine with our clients and we’re always willing to adapt and customize solutions. Our approach is customer centred, from product design through to delivery, service and beyond.
We have smooth organisation throughout the value chain, speeding-up decision-making and time to market, by adapting to the demands of the various industries and continuously investing in innovation.

Solutions that meet tomorrow’s challenges

Our innovations can bring long-lasting, high-performance and more economically viable production in the cable and wire industry.
Our tailored solutions prove the commitment to meeting the needs of our customers, to creating value and meeting the ontradictory demands that today’s challenges present.
We do this by offering modular solutions that can easily be adapted to market developments and future technology. Solutions that include world-class equipment, services and people. Solutions that deliver product quality, flexibility, reliability and lower cost. Now and in the future. Globally and locally. With ITAL, clients can meet tomorrow’s challenges today.