Aerosol tube

Inside cans and bottles there is a small tube through which the liquid contained in the tank can be sprayed outward. Our extrusion line fine-tunes the size of the internal bore assuring the perfect functionality of the pipe. The line is supplied together with a cutter for the precise cutting at the desired length.

Beverage tube

Ital offers sixty years experience in providing the proper solutions for the extrusion of thin flexible tubes necessary for the distribution of beverages.

Explosive tube

Founded in1959 Ital has always been up to the offer of safety solutions in dangerous fields such as military, mines and fire works.

Garden house

Ital offers several solutions for garden hose. From small to large sizes, in a range of multiple colours, we assure the proper adaptation to any necessity.

Special heat  shrinkable tube

Wires and cables need to be insulated when they are jointed. The heat shrinkable tubes can be easily put on the conductor and then tightly retracted with the use of a heating source. Our extrusion lines do provide multiple solutions with multilayer constructions for a variety of sizes and wall thickness.