Medium Voltage Cable Sheathing

Ital presents its solutions for the sheathing line as one of the most reliable leader on the market for the production of cables for medium / high voltage. Our lines are designed for a wide range of applications performed for coating of sheath with materials like PVC, PE, HFFR, etc.

Optimized control of the tolerances of the cable with the measuring system of eccentricity and diameter control.

Our line consists of three water cooled extruders designed for processing of the elastomeric materials to a low melting temperature. Two layers of the sheath, skin and stripe, in a crosshead.


Typical line composition

• SPA/1600 Two pay-offs
• CN/600 Pulling Caterpillar
• TGRAA/60 18D Extruder for internal semi conductor
• TGRAA/120 18D Main extruder for insulation
• TGRAA/80 18D Extruder for external semi conductor
• TECA/15 Crosshead (for triple coextrusion)
• Diameter gauge
• VRS/30 Cooling trough (according type of cables)
• VRR/600 Cooling trough (according type of cables)
• SC/40 Dryer
• Length counter
• CN/600 Sending Caterpillar
• APA/1600 Two automatic take-ups
• Drive Line control
• Power distribution cabinet

Optional components

Hopper loader and dosing units