ital vulcanization

Salt bath vulcanization system

Salt bath vulcanization line high-speed for insulation and sheathing of cable of silicon rubber with curing in the molten salt bath. The advanced technology of vulcanization of rubber guarantees a uniform section of the latter due to excellent heat transfer of molten salt.

Due to high temperatures in the furnace and the excellent characteristics of heat transfer (up to 250 ° C) are obtained very quickly times for the vulcanization of silicone-coated profiles.


A causa di alte temperature nel forno e le ottime caratteristiche di trasferimento di calore  (fino a 250°C) si ottengono i tempi molto rapidi per la vulcanizzazione dei profili rivestiti di silicone.

Typical line composition

SSMA/1250 Pay-off
SDD/800 Pay-off
CPT/320 Capstan
CB/500 Dancer
GZ/10 Guide Cable
TGS/120-15D Extruder
TGS/45-15D Extruder
TEG/18 Crosshead
/25-30-R250 Vulcanization Oven
ASCA/15 Dryer PR/400 Transmission Pulley
TDV/800 Dual Flywheel Pulling Unit
CN/200 Pulling Caterpillar
ACO/500-100 Horizontal Accumulator
ATAM/1250-S Double Automatic Take-Up
ODAC 18XY DP ZUMBACH Laser Diameter Measuring Head
ZUMBACH Spark Tester

Optional components

Washing tank for curing oven
Recovery tank for curing oven
Drum Packing Machine