Medical Tube Production

Ital has over 55 years extrusion and polymer processing experience and fully understands that it is essential when manufacturing medical devices that precision, accuracy and consistency is guaranteed at all times.
PLC, Servo and AC technology is found throughout every element of the line for complete control, consistency and accuracy at every stage of production.
Tube Quality Management Systems have been incorporated to ensure that tube quality is constantly monitored and maintained providing:
• Closed Loop Laser Diameter Control
• PLC Line Control
• Wall Thickness Monitoring
• Out of Tolerance Tube Rejection Systems – Diameter Measurement; etc

Typical line composition

• Extruder
• Extrusion head
• Vacuum sizing trough
• Cooling trough
• Belt Capstan
• Automatic dual Take-Up
• Operator interface Siemens

Optional components

• Gravimetric dosing system
• Cutting unit
• Multilayer construction upon request