Heating & Plumbing Pipe Production

Ital has the technology for the process of pipe extrusion and designs and manufactures complete extrusion lines from mono-layer through to multi-layers.

Every element of the Ital Line has been specifically designed for high quality pipe production. Extensive extrusion experience including screw and die head design combines with the latest Servo, PLC, & AC technologies to ensure that precision, control and accuracy is achieved throughout the manufacturing process consistently producing high quality heating & plumbing pipes.

Using the latest 3D Design & Polymer Flow Simulation Technology together with over 50 years plastics processing experience, Ital can provide you a complete extrusion solution in order to meet the ever increasing demands of your customers:

· Energy efficient Technology incorporated throughout to lower production costs.

· Easy & easy operation & maintenance by the operator – designed to keep you in production at all times. Also eliminates the need for dedicated maintenance personnel.

· Precision Accurate Technology to ensure performance. Including PLC control & monitoring.

· Smart PLC control – machine safety, management control & security, customer guarantee and many more features.

· Supported by dedicated Spare Parts Departments – see Service Support

· Further supported by skilled Processing Engineers.


Typical line composition

Inner pipe with adhesive coating and single layer (extrusion in tandem)
Continuous feeding of aluminum, roll-forming
Production of the outer jacket with adhesive coating, single layer in co-extrusion
Cooling, drying and haul-off sections
Conditioning of product, fully automatic dual coiler.
Measurement devices including diameter, wall thickness
Pipe marking unit
Operator interface and line supervision
Gravimetric feeding units for all extruders
Coil sizes